Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Taro with Shrimp Bites

I never understood why my parents love Taro so much when I was young. Now, I have caught up with their tastebuds and simply adore cooking with it. It has this subtle sweetness with the earthy mouthful taste that no other root vegetable can substitute. I prefer the bigger type to the smaller kind, for the main reason that I hate peeling too many small ones and would rather handle a big one in one go!

Previously, I never knew how to store and extend the fresh Taro that I buy. They usually go soggy and gives to mushiness before I even decided how to cook them. But now I finally learned the way to extend the freshness of the Taro. Simply wrap the Taro in parchment paper tightly and put the whole thing into another plastic bag and wrap around it. Store it in the fridge and it actually lasts for more than 1 week. 

But there is one thing about cooking taro. It absorbs alot of oil during the cooking process, hence  a teaspoon or two  simply will not suffice to cook an appetizing meal out of it! For this dish, I pan fried rather than deep fried the Taro Shrimp and throughout, I had to add more cooking oil. 

 This was a random dish that I made up with about 1/2 lb of shrimp left in my freezer and half of a medium sized Taro, of which I cut into very thin strips. The shrimps were first removed from their shells, cleaned and put into the food processor. Seasoned with salt , pepper and sesame oil, the shrimps are then processed into a paste. I added 1 egg white with a teaspoon of corn starch and mix together. Taking the Taro strips, I dropped them into the shrimp paste and mixed in with a spoon. With the shrimp paste coating and holding the Taro strips, I shaped and spooned portions out and pan fried each till brown, turning on the sides. Best to serve immediately while the Taro is still crisp. Some mayo or mustard for dipping is great too!

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