Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chinese New Year 'Yee Sang' Platter

Chinese New Year was on Jan 31. It is the 14th year that I haven't celebrated this Chinese Tradition with my family and relatives back in Malaysia. I still remember fondly how my childhood celebrations were when firecrackers were lit at the stroke of midnight on the 1st night and the fulfilling reunion dinner before the New Year day. My cousins and I were ever so excited to get the Red Packet money from the elderly of the family and couldn't wait to go home to count how much lucky money we got for the New Year.

This salmon and vegetable platter had never been a tradition of my family and I believe that it only became very popular after I left Malaysia. Inspired by an Aunt , I made this platter for my potluck party on the second day of the Chinese New Year celebration. Auspiciously conscious, I chose 8 dishes to fill the platter with an array of fresh and inviting colors.

The shredded red cabbage and seaweed were parboiled for 1 minute, drained and macerated in vinegar and sugar overnight. Packaged jellyfish is so easy to use, all ready cut to strips and ready with sesame oil. Using my Japanese Omelet pan, I made square omelet and rolled it up to cut into julienne strips. The remaining ingredients were raw shredded lettuce, carrot, smoked salmon pieces and crispy noodle.  For the sauce, I used duck sauce diluted in lime juice and toasted sesame seed.

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