Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Green Tea Chinese Steamed Buns

This year I plan to try out more easier and simpler recipes from every resources. After last X'mas baking and chowing down mostly on Roast and Grilled Meats, it is time to settle down and do a palate cleansing and detoxification of the stomach, so to speak.

I have always thought making these Chinese Buns must be easier than Western breads and bakes, mainly because of the lesser amount of ingredients needed and the steps involved are almost half of that of making a loaf of English bread. Having said that, I think I have successfully produced a Steamed Bun but somehow I think the use of high heat while steaming kind of spoiled the appearance of these buns. And I used the usual All Purpose flour which I suspect lacking in some sort of ingredients in those specialty flour for Buns that is sold at the Asian grocery stores.

I followed the recipe from here and substituted green tea powder in place of the cocoa. I am glad that cooking and baking videos are plenty now showing the actual process of everything but as with all Chinese Cooking, the video did not tell how many buns this recipe yield. I cut up about 10 and they steamed up huge!Taste wise is fine and only the appearance is not that appealing. This gives me the urge to try again next time with the specialty Bun flour from the Asian groceries and perhaps I will only place the raw Buns when the steamer is hot and ready rather than placing it any earlier. And I would reduce the size of each bun.

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