Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bento Days

It is surely a harsh winter this year. Not much snow but the plunging temperature made ice of everything and being outside for 5 minutes is already turning all limbs numb. Almost all parts of America is going through the same bitter cold days and with a bi-weekly forecasts of below freezing temperatures, no one is going anywhere and I too, cooped inside my house looking at recipe books and relishing the glorious food photos all over the internet.

Although I have been lazy in other cooking and baking, making Bento is the one thing that I have never given up. Since my last post, I have made numerous but just simply lazy to post them up here! I guess I have to thank my kids for having to bring lunch to school everyday or else I might cast aside all the lunch tools and boxes too like my baking tools.

Valentine's Day is near and everywhere I look, I see hearts, pink, red and chocolates. Although I should be excited about Chinese New Year first since it will be this Friday January 31st, I simply don't have that much enthusiasm. Sometimes I wonder if my interests in everything else is slipping away too?

For today's Bento, I digged out some of my rice moulds and found a heart shape one. Brilliant ! With a small cookie cutter I cut out heart shapes from an apple and patched it to the rice with a little bit of mayo. I totally forgotten to brighten up the contents with my 100s collection of food picks and I do have Alot of hearts' picks! For the chicken pieces, I marinated the chicken in some BBQ sauce overnight and pan fried them with sesame seeds. This particular dish can be used as a sandwich filling too when the ham and cheese is starting to get very boring.

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