Friday, January 10, 2014

Kimchi Pancake

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the longing for my hometown in Malaysia looms. I can only imagine the lively atmosphere there with all the family gatherings and friends visits. Together with the abundance of auspicious named banquet food dishes and the continuous feasting from day 1 to day 15, it is just the best yearly celebration for all.

My interest in baking usually subsides in the beginning of every new year, possibly too much was done at the end of every year and I don't fancy working with butter for a while. My appetite for all taste Asian will suddenly creeps up during this time of the year and spicy being the main choice during these cold months, I went for Kimchi Pancake.

A bit of a surprise on how easy this was to make! And why didn't I thought of it earlier I wonder. Right on track with my plan to cook simple and easy this year, this recipe was a very good start. The only thing is patience is required when pan frying the batter as the addition of Cabbage kimchi made the batter heavy and thick, hence taking more than 8 minutes to pan fry on each side. The making of the batter was a cinch, simple with these ingredients:
2/3 cup all Purpose Flour; 1/2 cup water;pinch of sugar and as much or as little cabbage kimchi that you like. Mix all together and pan fry on both side till firm.  Cut to smaller pieces and serve. This only yield one 9 inch large pancake and the recipe can be doubled easily.

I served the pancake with Pork Congee and Chinese Black egg. Great to have this combination on a relaxing Friday night.

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