Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cranberry Vanilla Buckle Cake

It is unbelievable that 2013 is at its last quarter and I am very lacking in terms of my cooking and baking development. Throughout the past 6 months, I was very involved in my kids academic progress and also other activities and coupled with some orders for Fabric bags, the pots, pans and oven were left unchallenged and mostly sitting intact in their designated cupboards!
My life has entered into another stage of commitment and busy now, when time to spend over ideas of creating a pretty mousse cake or cookie is simply none in existence. These days I like to browse over the basics like pound cakes, fruit and meat pies and butter cookies. Nothing fancy but just plain old fashioned good.
With the cold weather coming, all I think about is heavy meat pies filled with wholesome goodness of chunky meat and vegetables, stuffed poultry cooked over its drippings, Biscuits and savory pastries with a good blob of butter! This time I might even try to make that pumpkin soup that I so wanting to try but no one in the family is keen about.
For a kickstart into Fall, I made this Cranberry Buckle Cake in 4 little Loaf Pans by using one recipe of the same that was meant for a 9 inch square baking Pan. I adapted this recipe from the book Rustic Fruit Desserts and anyone interested to have the recipe, please let me know. I don't copy and type out recipes from cookbooks in this blog for the ever blurry law of Copyrights.
I substituted Yogurt for the Sour Cream ingredient and the cake texture came out more dense. It is always best to use Fresh Cranberries for the best taste of the season and you won't have to worry about the content of additional liquid from frozen ones that will change the texture of the cake.  This cake definitely needs a sugar Crumb top to make it more prettier to give away and also adds a lovely crunch. Since I omitted the brown sugar part and only used white sugar for the crumb mixture, the topping looks yellowish rather than brownish.