Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Strawberry Cake

Ah...the smell of Spring air. Although the nights are still chilly, the daylight sun is just lovely everyday this week. Daffodils and Forsythia spouting out their vibrant yellows, iris and pansies proudly poking out in purple, trees finally regaining their branches with spots of green popping here and there. Migrating geese over and above in the skies, cardinals and frogs are busy with their rendezvous and I am on a baking mode! 

I followed this YouTube video Recipe to make this cake. Although it is named the X'mas cake, I think I have successfully adapted it and made it into a Spring day cake! Japanese recipes are practically right in sizes when you have a smaller crowd to feed and this cake was just the right size for my family of 4. It is absolutely necessary to have a 6 or 7 inches cake pan as this cake will look a bit flat when baked in an 8 inch. However, you can always put on more strawberry slices in the filling and pile up more on the cream. I used these gum paste flowers to mimic the color of the pansies and daisies, rosemary for the green grass and shaved chocolate for dirt/mulch. Here are the ingredients used for this cake :

Sponge Cake
150g /3 large eggs
100 sugar
90g cake flour
15g Butter
1 tbsp Milk

Soaking Syrup
1 heap tbsp Strawberry Jam
3 tbsp Hot water
2 tbsp Sugar

Filling and Frosting
400ml whipping cream
3 tbsp Sugar
450 g strawberries

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