Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bento Days

I finally found the right size Stainless steel lunch box for my 6 year old boy. A bit pricey but fits the purpose. Kids go through different phases of appetite, probably in a period of 2 months, they eat alot and always come home from school asking for bigger snack portions and there are certain times that they just don't eat much, leaving portions for me to eat up!

I love Rice paper for the fact it is so easy to use. The water for softening the rice paper out of the packaging needs to be warm and if cold, the paper tends to break when you try to lift it. I do get bored with stir fried vegetables and so I cut up some carrot and cucumber, both sliced thinly into sticks and placed them on a bed of romaine lettuce leaf and wrapped into the rice paper. The Bento box looks neater and easier to arrange. Hoisin sauce for dipping is a must and I packed it in those little small sauce containers. This was also my first time using and mashing up a purple potato to make the decorative flowers. Once mashed, I patted them into small disk and used a flower cookie cutter to cut it out. This is best done when the mashed potato is just done or else if it dries up, it will be difficult to push it out from the cookie cutter. Other fillers are pork and corn meatballs and quail eggs. The rice is fried with a little tomato sauce to give it color and taste.


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