Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coconut Cherry Brownies

I don't think I ever made Brownies from scratch but only from box mixes and everytime I did that, it always failed! It was either burnt or hard as a rock and I have no idea why. Melting chocolate is not a thing I like to do and so I put off ever making Brownie for any occasion.

That was until this Easter, I was short of time to prepare any dessert for my Easter dinner party and wanted something simple. And I found this lovely Recipe, much to my delight that uses Cocoa powder and no chocolate melting required. I reduced the sugar to 350g and the coconut to 50g while adding about 75g chopped Morello cherries from Trader Joe's to the batter. Maraschino cherries can be used if Morello is not available. The most important thing to observe in this recipe is when the beaten eggs are added to the warm cocoa and butter mixture. First, temper the eggs by pouring slowly some of the cocoa mixture into the eggs and quickly stir to avoid coagulation or scrambled egg mess. And pour this egg mixture into the cocoa mixture to combine thoroughly.
This Brownie tasted great, moist and dense. The coconut didn't overpower the richness of the cocoa taste and the cherries added a slight tart bite. Definitely a keeper recipe and a great treat to bake for anyone, anytime.

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