Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bento Days

School started last week. To get back into making Bento early in the morning is not easy and I started the first week with snack boxes and sent my kids buying lunches instead. The art of Bento has attained so much attention and interests these days and to browse for ideas and inspirations after a break of almost a year can be overwhelming. This year I will try to make simpler Bento designs that won't take up my whole morning to plan and create. Still, cuteness and color scheme are essential, just to get the kids interested ! :)

First Week Snack Boxes

First Grader and Third Grader Kids

Fishies Cheese, Oyster Cracker, Baby Tomato and Sliced Apple

Chick Cheese, Oyster Crackers, Kiwi & Baby Tomato

Turkey Ham, Baby Tomatoes, Ritz Crackers and Orange Slices

Second Week Lunch Boxes

Baked Chicken Dumpling, Boiled Egg, Fruits and Vegetable

Rice & Nori, stir Fried Chicken with Vegetable, Scrambled egg and Fruits

Rice & Nori, Stir fried Chicken & vegetable and Fruits

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