Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bento Days

February kicked off busier than January. As kids grow, priorities changed, and now I need to look for a bigger house and this time I am definitely sure that the biggest room for the new house shall be the Kitchen! When I first moved to my present house, never had I imagined that cooking and baking will take up most of my time and if jotted down and recorded, the time I spent in my kitchen far extend and outnumber the days I spend in any other parts of my house. There are times when I fret and curse about my present small kitchen and now when I have to put it up for sale, my heart beats and feel longing and attachment to it. There is no Kitchen island and I only had 3 very limited separated counterspace top to work all my ingredients, cakes, elbow grease and photo session, but somehow I survived! As evidenced from this blog, I have indeed done Alot in my little humble kitchen and I shall miss it when it is time to say goodbye. It is strange how one can get attached to a space, no matter how crowded, small or unfriendly it is!

While my attention is shifted to the whole house now in cleaning up, junking out stuffs and bringing out space once stuffed to the ceilings, I haven't spend much time cooking nor baking. Only managed to do Bento, partly because they are necessary for my daughter school lunches. I hope to be able to keep cooking, baking and blogging till the day I move.

Mushroom Rice with Cut out Cucumber slices. Doesn't matter if you don't have any Bento cutters, a paring knife will do the decorating part as long as you use some Maths concept and imagination! I always love the idea of the Taiwanese eat egg immersed and cooked in tea and herb. For this Bento, I boiled an egg and gently cracked the shell without breaking off any after it is cooked. And then I immersed it into a mixture of soy sauce and water for 10 mins, so that I don't have to waste a cup of soy sauce and cut down the saltiness if I had used only the soy sauce. For the carrot, I thinly sliced them into sticks and par-boiled them for about 7 to 10 mins which brings out its lovely orange color. To season it, I used a bit of sesame oil and soy sauce and sprinkled with toasted black sesame seeds.

Just a simple chicken & mayo sandwich. With Side salad of peas and corn to add colors to the whole Bento Box. For the decoration, I used punches and dried seaweed.

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