Monday, January 16, 2012

Meyer Lemon Tart

Although it is cold winter now, my appetite somehow yearns for spring and summer flavors. Perhaps it was the overeating of meat, nuts and anything buttery during the prior holiday months of November and December, come January and February, I always feel like I have to trim down by eating more greens and fruits based desserts. I do enjoy dishes with heavy gravy but when comes to the sweet tooth, I love something citrus with the combination of tart and sweet.

Oranges are in season now and with the Chinese New Year looming, there are plenty of Clementines and Tangerines in the stores. I even managed to find Pomelo and to my surprise I saw these Meyer Lemons. I have seen alot of Bloggers bragging on how they were lucky to have neighbors with a Meyer Lemon tree and got a basket full to bake and cook with them while I look around and only found the usual sour pucker Lemon in my area. I was simply overjoyed and grabbed a packet of 8 and ran home clicking for recipes. Even before opening one up, I already loved the smell of this type of Lemon, which is a cross breed between a Lemon and a Tangerine, with a smaller tight roundish and smoother rind and loaded with juice. In my view, the grated zest of this Lemon is more pungent and doesn't fade even after baking. And the juice yields an intense taste of both sweet and tart, rightly combined and I only added a bit of sugar to the lemon filling.

This recipe creates pudding like filling rather than the firmly baked type. I adapted the recipe of Gordon Ramsey from BBC Good Food and tweaked it a bit to yield a smaller 6 inch tart with less quantities of the ingredients stipulated. Since the Meyers were partly sweet, I totally skipped out of adding any sugar to the tart dough and used only 100g of sugar to the filling. The tart is good served warm or cold and definitely a citrusy treat on a very Cold winter day.

For this 6 inch tart, follow the recipe Link above but reduce the quantities of ingredients to the following portions:

Tart Dough: Same as recipe given
Filling: 2 eggs plus 2 egg yolks; 100g sugar; 125ml Meyer lemon juice; grated zest of 2 Meyer Lemons; 150ml Heavy Cream

Baking Time: 
Tart Dough (Blind Bake): 375F (20 mins, lined & with baking beans) and reduced to 325F (10 mins, without baking beans)

With Lemon Filling: 325F for 55 mins.

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