Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bento Days

It is hard to believe that X'mas was just 3 weeks ago. January started with a very busy schedule for me and my kids, hubby including. Today is only the mid of the second week of the first month of the year 2012 and I already feel like I am doing alot everyday and wondered if I still have stamina to run the whole year before the next X'mas comes along! On the bright side, no snow and terrible wintry weather so far helps alot and with the unusual 'warm' air, I see stores coming out with spring gardening tools already. I already see the squirrels scurrying up and down, like Autumn never left! Signs of a very friendly Winter to me... I don't mind!

Ok...our next big thing is Chinese New Year. It will be celebrated on January 23 and onwards for a total of 15 days with auspicious and superstitious beliefs practiced in every Chinese homes and doings. And more this year as we are preparing to usher into the year of the Dragon which is the most Auspicious animal of the Lunar Calendar. Dragon is a symbol of grandness, power and ambition and I can only imagine the festive atmosphere back in Malaysia and Hong Kong, where business owners, big families and public all alike celebrating and revering in the celebrations to the max with no holding back, all in the hopeful thought for return of bountiful  prosperity and luck.

To kick off this Chinese New Year, I made a dragon bento for my daughter today. Lucky for me that I bought a dragon vegetable cutter during my last Summer trip to Hong Kong as I have no clue on how to carve out or create a dragon using the Bento ingredients. Cutters like this are special cutters made and catered to Chinese restaurants for carving decorations to accompany elaborate dishes and can be pricey. As with anyone on a vacation, I didn't mind the price but had to get it! I shall try to prepare another Bento using this cutter and motif as I think this one is not very appropriately Chinese themed. No one eats sandwich on Chinese New Year... that is for sure! Till then...

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