Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vanilla Candy with Walnut

Candy wafers are lovely to mold with and much more easier to work than melted chocolate and best of all they come in all sorts of colors to suit the seasons. Being successful with the silicone molds that I used for Halloween, I spotted and bought another set of cube shaped silicone molds 2 months ago with the intention to use them for this X'mas. I love any types of molds and kitchen tools and if possible, I hope to use them for more than their original purposes. The cube molds that I used for these candies are meant for ice cubes and their flexible but sturdy silicone material made it so easy to release the contents.

The walnut pieces for the filling were first toasted and let cool while the candy wafers were easily melted in the microwave. Since they are overly sweet, the addition of the walnut cut the sweetness and add a robust nutty flavor to the candies. Using a small teaspoon, one scoop of melted candy was scooped into the mold first and a few pieces of the roasted walnut were randomly dropped in. And another teaspoon of the candy on top to cover the nuts. The decorations were non pareil and sugar holly & Ivy, specially available for X'mas from Wilton. The candies must first be let to semi set for about 5 mins before the decorations are gently  pushed onto the top. This was to ensure the decorations attach to the candies when they are wholly set. If sprinkled on too early, they will sink into the melted candy instead.

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