Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trader Joe's CornBread Mix

I was so lucky to be a guest at my cousin's Thanksgiving dinner since I could skip the preparation of the Big turkey with all the other more laborious side dishes and the table settings. To feel more involved, I volunteered to bake the Cornbread and dessert. While shopping for a hostess's basket at Trader Joe, I saw a mountain of their Cornbread mix, all stacked up to the ceiling and a passerby whispered to me "Oh. Do get this! They are awesome and you will never regret it!" And I did and grabbed 2 boxes without second thoughts and brought them all the way down to PA.

I hate cornbreads that taste too grainy with grits lodge on my throat and usually dry in the mouth. For this I suspect the cornmeal used were not processed fine enough and simply come from a cheap mix. This Trader Joe's version was different, it had nibbles of corn inside the mix and it was so easy to make with the addition of milk and vegetable oil. One box fills an 8 inch square pan or 2 usual sized loaves. The cornbread was moist, not overly sweet and bakes beautifully into its golden yellow hue. My daughter absolutely loved it and asked me to get more when we get back to NH.

And so I did and this time I added fresh cranberries to the cornbread mix and bake it in both loaf shape and muffin cups. Don't you want a piece from these pictures? Try it today and like the whispering lady said "you will not regret it!"

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