Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Bento Days (1)

Nothing much going on these days. Creativity has shifted to the Bento boxes and the Halloween themes gave me more ideas on using up my dried seaweed sheets and carrots. Every year the celebration of Halloween seems to get bigger with more offerings of costumes, accessories and not forgetting all sorts of baking items in the stores. This year I attempted a costume for my daughter and to my surprise, it was really not that difficult as I have thought in the first place. And I was happy to be able to shift some creativity to other things besides food as I have really slowed down in cooking and baking these days, perhaps in a hiatus mode till new inspiration comes along. Hopefully the Halloween festivities will inspire me to do more for the coming holiday season.

Here are some Bento and snack Boxes that I made earlier this month. 

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