Sunday, October 2, 2011

King Pig of the Angry Birds series

This is my second time making a Step by Step blog post for my Bento craft. I really admire those bloggers who really do this method of chronicling every steps that they take to post their cooking and baking. It is more difficult to do than crafting the item itself with camera and natural light positioning while at the same time attending to multiple washing and drying of hands to continue with the process.

For this tutorial, I did the King of Pigs in the Angry Birds game. Of all the characters, I think I like him and his army of pigs the most as they are the one who are the cause of all the Angriness in the Birds. And no matter how they are greened from the color to look evil, they just look adorable to me! Of all the cute Bento characters, I always love the pig. Whether pink, white or green, I love them all.

I used Babybel cheese as a filling for 2 cut out round slices of Spinach Wrap. Sandwiched between the wraps, I applied a bit of mayo to the cheese to make the green wraps stick and stay in place. Everything on the pig is edible except for the yellow Bento pick that I used to decorate as its crown. I think these step by step photos will give a very clear idea on how to make them. Try making one today and have a pig grinning at you.

1) Cut out all the shapes using the necessary cutters as shown, using the ingredients.
    Quantity: 1 piece of Spinach Tortilla Wrap; 1 Babybel Cheese (peeled); 1 slice of orange       
                    American cheese; 1 slice of white American Cheese; Small piece of Nori Sushi 
                    wrapper; A few Black sesame seeds or Poppy Seeds
2) Arrange the Black Sesame Seeds/Poppy Seeds on the round cut out cheese to form the eyes.  
    And arrange the punched out Nori shape on the oval cut out cheese to form the snout of the pig.
3) Apply a bit of mayo to the Cut out leaf shape of the Green wrap and attach to 1 of the Round cut
    out shape of the Green Wrap (See Pic 3: Top Left Hand position). Do the same for the other Ear. Take
    the Yellow Bento Pick and pierce into the BabyBel Cheese at the corner.
4) Apply some mayo to the other Round Cut out shape of the Green Wrap and attach to the top of the
    babybel Cheese to sandwich it.

5) Position the Sandwich Wrap.
6) Applying a bit of mayo to the back of the Eyes And Snout (see Step 2), place them onto the Green Face and arrange neatly. Cut thin strips from the Nori to form the Brows and Punch out small tear drop shapes from the White Cheese to form the Evil grinning teeth. Apply some mayo on each piece and attach to the Green Face to complete all the features.
7) Let the Pig stand for 5 mins to ensure that all features are attached securely before moving it.
8) Place the pig in a sturdy cupcake liner and Store in the refrigerator till ready for Bento Packing.

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