Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Bento days

This new School year sees both my kids graduating to the same school and myself becoming a very early riser to pack both their Bento lunch and mid-morning snack boxes. It was not easy for the first week, having just recovered from jet lag from our recent trip to Asia and sorting through new activities schedules for both the kids during the whole week. At first I thought I would have some free time during the morning hours when my youngest attend half day kindergarten but it seems that I have more things to do than ever! And now I am not only a Bento mom but also catching up with all the other Soccer Moms who has to chaperone and drive rounds of trips per day for out of school activities. Welcome to the 21st century motherhood.

Due to sleepy eyes and not so awakened hands muscles and brain co-ordination yet, my Bento pictures were pretty unclear for these past 2 weeks. But I hope to do better, now that I have more ideas on what to pack and how to decorate the lunch boxes. Lighting is still a problem with my camera and hopefully I can find a right solution soon. Till then, I also made these bento boxes.

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