Friday, September 30, 2011

September Bento Days (3)

The busy first month of school has gone by without a hitch and I am very glad that the kids are loving school. No whinning, no crying, no complaints..... music to every parent's ears.

Not done much in the kitchen except for Bento. Obviously I am in the Angry Birds Craze now, albeit I don't own an Ipad or anything technically sophisticated that needs my fingers more besides this old laptop I am working my posts on. When I was little, I always envied kids who got the latest stuffs, whether it is fashion, gadgets, access to anything that I don't have and longed to have. Fair to say that kids these days are more spoiled than ever and me being a frugal parent and believing in limiting all wants for the importance of needs also practises that kind of teachings to my own kids that we cannot own and buy everything that is the hype or in fashion now just to keep up with their peers. So, the only practical thing I do is making Angry Birds out of food and letting my kids have the fun of eating one. Hey, you can simply walk into any Apple Store these days and sit there and play Angry Birds but not alot of kids get to eat one. Agree?

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