Thursday, September 22, 2011

September Bento Days (2)

I managed to pick up some more Bento tools and picks during my summer trip to Asia. Seeing the supplies there was like a kid in a candy store and having Bento making as a hobby surely breaks the bank if one doesn't practise a bit of control over the impulse buying. The fact is new designs of Baran, picks, boxes and simply anything to do with Bento keeps getting cuter and better and for a mom like myself with 2 young kids who simply cannot help it but to load up and hopefully being able to use all of them in the preparation of food for the pure enjoyment and happy faces of my kids.

This week was less hectic than last with both kids are now settled down with school, their routines and myself getting used to getting up early in the morning. My new way of doing Bento for this year is to prepare all cut out decorations that uses vegetables like carrot and cucumber the Sunday before the week and store them all in a small container. This saves up alot of time during the weekdays and prior planning on what to pack for the whole of the week is also helpful. I am still not very comfortable with the idea of cooking and freezing bento fillers for quicker preparation in the morning and rather cook fresh and from scratch everyday. I have no judgment towards moms who goes with this method as long as their ways suits them and their kiddos get to eat healthy.

This week I attempted the White Angry Bird. Despite being the easiest to make with a hard boiled egg, the droopy sad expression of this particular bird was quite a challenge to put together. I ended with very thick brows instead but that definitely created a more angrier looking bird. For the cat Bento, I pan fried some dried noodles for the first time and it turned out great for the whiskers. These are what I made this week for my daughter's Lunches.

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