Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Green Bean Bun

Sweetened Red Bean paste is the most used filling in Asian breads, buns and desserts. However, green bean is equally popular and delicious. According to the Chinese culinary experts, using Red bean makes warming dishes while Green Bean has a cooling effect. Blending both of them makes the perfect combination. I usually make the Green Bean Dessert Soup when the weather is heaty hot and when it is winter time, the Red Bean Dessert Soup just warms the body and nourishes.

The green bean filling was made prior to preparing the bread dough. The beans must be soaked in water for at least 4 hours or overnight so that they soften and speed up the cooking part. There is no difficulty in preparing the bean paste but all is about patience as it will take more than 1 hour and some stirring till the liquid is almost dried up. Nearing the end of cooking, I used the food processor to break down the softened cooked beans and continued cooking for another 15 mins. Once cooled at room temperature, the bean filling will clump up and ready for filling into the bread dough.

I used the same bread dough as in the Custard Bun II . Instead of the Custard filling, I used the Green bean filling and divided it into 14 portions. As these buns were slightly bigger than the Custard buns, I only managed to make 13 buns out of the bread dough. The cut flower shape is optional. After filling a portion of the bread dough with 1 portion of the bean filling, it was then gathered up and pinched together to close. Turned around and slightly flattened out with my hand palm before cutting it into 5 petals shape.The egg wash was applied just before baking and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Baked at 400F/200C for 15 to17 mins.

Recipe for Green Bean Filling
150g Green Bean
75g Sugar
750ml Water

1) Wash & Soak the beans in 4 cups of water for 4 hours or overnight.
2) Drain the water and move the beans into a stock pot and pour in the 750ml water. Start to boil the beans on medium heat for  about 45 mins. When the water has been reduced to 1/3 left. stir in the sugar and continue stirring till dissolved. This takes about 15 mins. Move the bean filling to the blender/food processor  and puree the content. Pour the bean puree back to the cooking pot and continue to stir on low heat for another 15 mins. Do not add any more additional water but continue stirring to prevent burning on the bottom of the pot.
3) Remove from the stove and cool in a bowl. Prepare the bread dough. When the bean filling has cooled to room temperature or can be chilled, scoop and divide it into 14 portions. Insert 1 portion into each bread dough portion.

Makes: 13 to 14 buns

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