Friday, April 8, 2011

Grape Tomatoes with Asparagus Tart

I am  on the Tart mode now, which is anyway suitable for the spring and summer weather like cooking. I don't have alot of ideas baking nor cooking with vegetables and the same is for seafood. But I believe some ingredients are best lightly cooked on their own with the least seasonings and preparation and they themselves simply shine through in taste in their natural and wholesome goodness. I love baby tomatoes and they come in alot of varieties these days and very colorful too. These Grape tomatoes, which are aptly named for their grape shape is very juicy and sweeter in taste than the cherry tomatoes. Infact I even think they can be used in sweet desserts and sweet tarts, maybe I shall keep that idea for next time. There was some left over tart dough from my previous baking of the Peach Hazelnut Frangipane Tart and using the same 6 inches tart ring, I used up the tart dough. I like this tart dough recipe as it didn't need any prior or separate baking from the filling and we all know how we hate to line the tart with parchment paper and baking beans! It just saves up so much time to be able to do all baking at one go and less mess too.

For the filling, I simply made up a combination of egg, heavy cream and fat free Ricotta Cheese. It turned out very soft custard like and if you prefer a quiche like filling which is more solid and firm, just add some all purpose flour to thicken it. I have left overs of almost everything in the fridge despite getting the smallest tub or package of everything. That is the dilemma trying to lose weight and at the same time I cannot give up baking or eating. I can go restless if I don't see any butter left in the fridge, knowing that I always want to make a cake. And with a little bit of Ricotta cheese left here, a bit of Heavy Cream there, I just had to incorporate them in this recipe. Yes..... I can be very experimental at times.


Tart Dough (ingredients & method)
see here for the Tart Dough Recipe (if making a 6 inch tart, you will only need 300g of the dough,  the rest can be frozen and thawed later for further use)

100g Tender Asparagus (about 15 to 18 stalks)
150g Grape Tomatoes (about 10)
1 Large egg
125ml Heavy Cream
75g low fat Ricotta Cheese
1/2 tsp All Purpose Flour (optional for firmer custard)
Salt & Pepper

1. Clean the asparagus, remove tough bottom side and cut the spears into half.Cut the grape tomatoes across with 2 to 3 slices from each.
2. Prepare the tart dough, roll out and line the dough in a 6 inch tart ring/pan. Alternatively use an 8 inch if you like. Always grease the tart ring/pan. Preheat oven to 375F.
3. Beat the egg with the heavy cream and ricotta cheese till well mixed. Season with salt & pepper. Add in the flour if you are using.
4. Arrange the Asparagus and Cut tomatoes inside the tart pan. Slowly pour in the egg & cream content. Do not overflow.
5. Bake for 40 mins.The filling will set nicely.
6. If the edge of the tart is browing too fast, turn down the oven to 350F and complete the baking. Once done, turn off oven and let the tart sit in the warm oven for a further 10 mins. This will set up the filling.
7. Serve warm

Serves: for 6 inch (4 person)/ for 8 inch (6 person)


empire said...

The pie looks beautiful; the colors are vibrant and clean. Looks delicious!

PapaCheong's 拿手好菜 said...

nice picture you have been putting up but my outcome is never as nice as yours.