Sunday, April 3, 2011

Glass Lock Food Containers

When the Bento idea first hit me, I went all out to search a container that will contain types and quantity of food that will feed a man's appetite. My Hubby is blessed with a very slim physique and even though he is past his 40 year old mark, he doesn't allow himself to have a beer belly nor an extra inch of tummy flab by running on the treadmill everyday after work. And lucky being a man, he can eat alot and has higher metabolism rate than me who used to be heavier than him for the past 10 years that we are married.

The first food container that I bought for him was this Glass Lock , which was made of breakable glass with a Lock Lid which snaps tightly on all 4 sides. A few years ago, there were not alot of choices of Bento boxes for men like today and so I thought a heavy duty one without the frills surely will serve my purpose.

I like this Container particularly for its depth of which I can insert large rice balls with side condiments and meat together with vegetables. And of course the seal tight Lock in feature was so tempting when I tried to pack soup for him to work. Seriously, the content doesn't spill at all even if I turn the container upside down.

The downside of this Container though is the weight of it that really measures up with the Bento filling. Sometimes it is a bit impossible to fill up the container to the top so as to look neatly tuck with nice presentation of the filling. And to make up, I tend to over pack and Hubby would come home complaining he ate too much for lunch.

Now, I have another more lighter Bento box for him and this Glass Lock is used more in storing leftover dinners and sometimes stews. I like to use glass container to store any leftovers in my fridge as compared to using plastic ones as most of the times, plastic boxes will stain. And when I prep Bento for my kids and Hubby for the week, I like to prep early and slice up my vegetables like bell peppers, cucumber and carrot and store them in this container. They do keep very fresh as the Lock feature keeps out moisture and air.

There are many sizes and colors of this Glass Lock containers in the market now. If you live in the New Hampshire and Massachusetts area, the best place to shop for these containers is at Home Goods. They come individually and also in a sets of 2 or 3 which are very reasonably priced. I am planning to ditch all my Tupperware one day when we move house and get a couple of these Glass Locks. They are heavy duty, durable and does not stain.

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