Sunday, April 24, 2011

Candy Molds by Spinning Leaf

I am not a very big candy fan and prefer plain chocolates. But I like to look at lovely and colorful assortments of candies, hard or soft, large lollipop or squiggly gummies. I believe there is another world outside there that connects and glorify candies like I praise cakes and live for good Artisan breads! Anything to do with sweet will have an army of followers for sure!

I first noticed candy molds when I started fondant cake making but never gave thought to it till last year. I bought some plastic molds from my local craft store but they seemed flimsy and pretty much warped after one or two uses. And the designs and motifs were pretty limited. Through the internet, I managed to search and locate Spinning Leaf, an awesome company that supplies molds for crafts. I love the many designs they have and also the most sought after themes for holidays and celebrations. And most of all, the candy molds are very sturdy and I can bend them to get the molded candies out easily. The molds are pretty durable and  easy to use.

Working with more than 1 colored candy  takes more prep time but worth it as the end result is stunning. These candy molds are specially made and sized for Oreo sized cookies and my favorite is the white cream filled ones rather than the original Chocolate cookies. How to do it :

1. Get ready the mold, a new clean food paint brush and the candies  together with the cookies.
2. Melt the first candy color over a double boiler or microwave according to the package instructions. I prefer the double boiler as it melts more evenly.
3. Remove the melted candy and dip the paint brush into it and paint onto the flower motif. Leave to set for 5 mins.
4. Melt some dark chocolate wafer with a double boiler. Take 1 small spoon and pour some dark chocolate onto the pink flower motif. Drop in an Oreo cookie and gently push down so that the cookie is partly submerged into the chocolate. Fill up with extra melted chocolate to cover the whole cookie. Leave to set for at least 15 mins.
5. To release cookies from mold, bend the mold a few times.

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