Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wilton Food Markers

Most of the time, I like to make plain looking cookies and no extra decorating on it. I use sprinkles sparingly because of the amount of sugar and I am not very keen to make up Royal icing and pipe it.

But of course, kids love colorful stuffs and true can be said that they will deviate to the colorful cake or decorated sugar cookies more than a plain chocolate chip cookie. And so I was happy to discover these new Wilton Edible Color Markers at my local craft store and grabbed a pack containing 5 of the Primary colors. I used them to decorate the Sugar cookies for my son's school birthday party and they were so easy to use. Drawing and writing like using a colored pen was a kid's work and I just wrote all my son's classmate's names on each of their names' first alphabet and drew pictures on it. The colors did not fade at all after 3 days and they stayed on clearly! The kids and teachers enjoyed them.

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