Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tiffin Box , Melamine 4 Tiers

My favorite food container is this 4 tier Round Tiffin box which I got at Target early spring last year. One year after, I still get excited everytime I think of using it again for our spring and summer weekend picnics. I love the different green and blue hues which is so appropriate to carry food out and dine al fresco on a beautiful warm summer day.

My family don't get to travel away far for every school vacation period and we always go to local parks and out of town but remain in the nearby States surrounding ours to spend the day. Being in New Hampshire and surrounded by lovely State parks and also neighboring States' hiking and picnic spots with lakes and plenty of stop by local attractions, we are truly fortunate to be able to hop into our minivan and drive to a destination and be back home for bedtime. I don't mind getting up early to pack these lunches as they bring so much joy and meaning to my kids to be able to eat outside.

As with any Tiffins, this one comes with a latch to lock in all 4 together. The amount of food that can fit into all tiers is enough to feed 2 to 3 adults with 2 kids. I always love the original stainless Tiffin and when I saw this colored one in my local Target, I just had to have it! This design was from last year and the new ones which are 3 Tiers with a flowery and Stripes motifs are now available as I write. Most of the food that I have packed are finger food, easy to eat and dry. I carry additional plastic bowls and utensils with boxed juice in another bag and these Tiffin fits nicely in an insulated carrier bag. The disadvantage though is that these tiffin containers are not leak proof and must be utilised in all 4 to allow the latch to lock up all in place. Usually one of the containers has a built in separate compartment sections for condiments. I like the idea of carrying all the food in one stack and really fuel up my family of 4 for a nice picnic lunch and get us ready again to travel on. Try out one today and you will have a fabulous picnic this summer!

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