Saturday, March 26, 2011

Me & My Money

I am nearing 40 soon and I am not very sure what to expect or anticipate when I am really in my 40s. Almost all my 30s have involved in moving to live in a foreign country, adapting to marriage and family life, learning the most I can about being a suburbanite soul with changing perspectives in seeing things and giving up on old habits while sowing for a slower pace and yet sometimes mundane albeit relaxing attitude. And now with 2 kids, the younger one reaching the mark of 5 years old soon and the older one moving on to the 2nd Grade after this summer, my mind starts to race again as if I need and am indeed chasing something different and new again.

With growing kids means growing need for financial reserves and expenses. I have started to learn more of the stock market world beginning this year, with emphasis on researches, analysts says, companies financial datas and the more challenging technical stuffs involving charts, graphs and intimidating terms like EPS, P/E ratio and so on. With more time on my hands and massive info available on the internet, the art and science of stocks trading doesn't seem so daunting anymore. Infact I find myself a bit late to get on board this very thrilling cycle of money world and now I really believe that money rules and no matter how I want to believe this is an idealistic world full of simple stuffs and easy thoughts, everything seems to be related in some way or another and without money, nothing seems to work in proper sense.  So I think it is best to have some knowledge about how investment works rather than following blindly on other's choices and making my own judgments on which stocks to invest. For beginners like myself, I find this site very informative and able to explain to me almost everything on the subject:  

It is never too late to learn anything but as age catches up with you, focus and emphasis will be more on the essentials rather than on wishy washy ideas that occupies but doesn't benefit one much. For a start, I love to read blogs written by people who are money conscious and doing things of which they cared to write about and share with me and everyone else on how to utilize my money resource to the fullest capacity and at the same time learn something about life that I never realize. For a starter, I recommend this blog of which I follow as a fan :

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