Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chiffon Cake: Grenadine Chiffon Cake with Rose & Lavendar

Spring air with the occasional rain weather is finally here  and soon it will be time to change the clocks. That means longer days and I get to snap more pictures of what I cook and bake. Spring season is the best time to try out new recipes with abundance of vegetables and summer fruits appearing in the markets and of course, the beautiful flowers and trees starts to brighten up the surroundings again. It is such a wonderful feeling to know the snow and cold will not dominate our lives again for the next 6 or 7 months, isn't it?

I haven't made a proper cake for sometime now and I kind of forgotten some of the skills applied for making different types of cakes. The last cake that I made for Curry's birthday was copied from the back of the Cocoa Powder container, which I admit is not really up to my expectation. And so, I am on a quest again to bake lovely cakes for this Spring and Summer, trying hard to spun my imagination and get inspired from everywhere.

My Blogger friend Terri made a Lovely Rose Chiffon Cake last year and following her recipe with a bit of tweaking I made this chiffon cake for teatime today. Chiffon cake is the loveliest and lightest cake that you will ever eat and in Malaysia, it is simply flavored with Pandan, Orange or Cocoa and sold plain without any decoration. For the reason that it is basically constructed of eggs and with very little amount of fat of butter or vegetable oil, those who are health conscious can eat this cake with a peace of mind. I find the Angel Food Cake sold in my local bakeries a bit too sweet for my liking and I like Terri's version. With a lighter appetite on a warmer spring day, I think this cake is preferred by anyone compared to the more heavier version of butter cake.

The recipe turned out lovely. I substituted Grenadine syrup for the Rose water recommended and steeped lavendar in hot water to obtain the Lavendar water to add into my whipped cream for the frosting on the cake. Indeed, everytime I attempt a lovely cake, my mood is romantic and I thought of incorporating the lovely dried rose buds together with the sweet smelling Lavendar together into this cake. The only thing that didn't turn out was my expectation of the purplish hue from the Lavendar which was lightened once added to the whipped cream. To make up, I crushed some of the dried rose buds and sprinkled onto the cake. I also steeped the dried rose buds in hot water to bloom them open. And later dehydrated them again in the toaster oven .

For the Recipe, look here. Use 70ml Grenadine syrup instead of rose water, increase the baking powder from 1/2 tsp to 3/4 tsp if you are Not using double action Baking powder and use self rising flour.

For the frosting Whipped Cream, Steep 3 tbsp of Lavendar in 10 tbsp of hot water for 20 mins. Strain the lavendar water and cool completely. Add 4 Tbsp of this into the whipped cream during the whipping.

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terri@adailyobsession said...

you did this! yum isn't it. miss our chats:)