Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food Generation

When I first started my blog LilyAnette , I had no idea on what I wanted to write about. As with the ever developing savvy tech world, I wanted to be part of it at that time. And then, it shine on me that I do one thing everyday as a stay home mom. I cook! Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, I cook everything from scratch and coming from Malaysia with an Asian palate, the area around me then don't have much Asian cuisine to offer except for those greasy and fattening take out Chinese. Sadly to say, the authentic home cooked Chinese food suffer much of the same reputation as the outside take outs, which is unhealthy and greasy. I don't blame the consumers, rather than the marketing and bastardization of a certain cuisine for fast, cheap and profitable channel of income that makes all these misunderstood concepts.

And through my Blogs, I also have gradually learned to eat healthier. For the first year, I was kind of swing towards making cakes and followed any recipes I fancied blindly. As with any novice bakers, I haven't then notice substitutes on butter, cream and milk in my bakings. Hence while enjoying my passion of creating marvellous mousse cakes, I tend to forget the fattening part of it that affected my weight. Comes second year, I noticed the substitutes of low fat yogurt, fat free sour cream and canola oil in my baking and started using them.And finally, last year, I totally changed my perspective in all types of food. It was also last year that I decided to lose my excess weight and I went and studied on certain types of food that will help me. And I finally come to this conclusion: it is not really what you eat that makes you fat, but it is really the Amount and quality of the food that you eat which contributes to the excess weight and which spirals into the dreadful onset of certain known health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure.

I am very proud of myself to have done this trimming down of 24lbs off my weight since I started in January 2010. With only a treadmill, an Ipod, a calories chart and alot of info on food and its effect and calories, I did it on my own with no intervention. And as I restart my commitment to lose my remaining 6lbs to make up to a total of 30lbs this spring, I am more determined than ever as my diet and exercise regime were all natural and no Yo-Yo effect at all. I don't believe in Fad diets as there are too many out there and I think they all confuse me more rather than of any help.

I am very excited about Jamie Oliver's new Season show of Food Revolution which will be airing next month in USA. I watched his works in UK, on how he set out to revolutionize and change the food served in schools and now he hopes to bring that idea here. It takes a star power like him to spread the importance of good and healthy eating habits and being a Bento mom, I think what he does is very important to our next generation. These days, most kids only know french fries as vegetables and anything green seems yucky and alien to them. Not that I am saying parents are not doing enough, perhaps not persistent enough and we really need a food revolution concept to educate our young ones. Eat and Be Healthy!

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