Friday, March 4, 2011

Egg Molds

I bet the Japanese never expected their culture of packing O-Bento will grow into such a big hit outside Japan. Everywhere I click now on the cooking websites, I see a big group of followers of this art of packing lunches and boxed meals. I didn't grow up with lunch boxes as my mom deemed it more convenient to buy lunches from our hometown's coffeeshops and gave me the daily lunch money to get something from the school canteen and stuffed myself within the 20 mins break.

I have been making simple Bento for Hubby for a few years now and only this past 1 year I began to develop interest in kids Bento. So many tools out there that I wish I can get hold of and yet whether I really need them all the time is another consideration as to whether I should spend so much on tools that I might only use sometimes. Frankly speaking, making cute Bento for kids everyday can be tiring! And I salute those moms out there who goes out in everyway to please their kids with beautiful Kyaraben, as I deemed it a very energy draining thing to do to have to carve out pieces of cucumber, apple or Nori seaweed to make a pattern to garnish the bento.

Egg Molds is another tool that I have more than one in my Bento tools collection. But sad to say, they are the least used as I seldom pack a boiled egg into my kids lunchboxes. I have both Big and small sizes ones and I find the small ones are difficult to use. Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs don't come in small, medium or large sizes! So it is pretty tricky to insert them into those standard little molds without at times breaking them or squishing them flat. For the big molds, I used large eggs and they fitted well. The trick is to place the pointed top of the egg facing about 30' slanted facing upwards and molding the egg when it is still hot.

1. Get ready and wet the egg molds.
2. Place the eggs in cold water and boil. Quail eggs boil for 12 mins and large eggs for 15 mins.
3. Peel eggs immediately under running water and place in molds. For the quail eggs, they fit perfectly , for the large molds with shapes, place the pointed top of the egg facing upwards and slightly slanted to the side as in Picture 3 (see large green mold). Slowly press down the lid and lock it.
4. Place all the molds in ice cold water for 5 mins.

If your eggs are molded like the above, use a small knife to gently cut around the sealed edges. If you like you can dye your eggs now in coloring. Place into bento box with the rest of your lunch.

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