Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cookies by Martha Stewart

As much as you may have heard negative vibes on Martha Stewart, I personally like her for a fact. She epitomizes the successful Domestic Queen of good husbandry and housekeeping and through her shows, magazines and books, I learned to be a more creative and interesting home manageress myself. She was able to propel the idea of good housekeeping to a marketing business sector which becomes the everyday talk among housewives and homemakers alike. One amazing and very successful woman that I follow daily.
I don't own alot of Martha's books but I particularly love one that helps me get through my yearly X'mas cookies gift boxes and school birthday parties. Martha's Cookies : The Very Best Treats to Bake & Share is my go to cookies book all the time. What attracted me to buy this book 3 years ago was on how the lay out of the pages were and it was not stingy with all the beautiful and big sized pictures of all the recipes. So far, I have tried a few recipes and they worked, which prompts me to recommend it to new bakers and lovers of cookies. The good thing about the recipes are that their quantity of dough and ingredients are recommended for cookies swap parties and if not, there will be plenty to pass around your neighbors and colleagues. And I particularly love the first few pages where the book compiled all the cookies under different categories of texture, to name a few like Soft & Chewy;  Cakey & Tender; Crisp & Crunchy. It makes it easy for me to plan my X'mas Cookies gift box with different texture cookies and plan my baking timeline. The following cookies were made by me over the years using this book , sometimes following wholly with the recipe and sometimes tweaking the ingredients.

1. Spiral Ice Box Cookies
2. Earl Grey Tea Cookies
3. Citrus poppy Seed Butter Cookies
4. Cranberry & Pistachio Biscotti
5. Cream Cheese Rugelach
6. Shortbread cookies

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