Monday, March 7, 2011

ButterBraids Pastries

With same yearly fundraising events at both my kids school, it sometimes gets tiring to me. Every year, it is the same kind of item and I look forward to something that I can use more or eat besides candles, mugs and key chains.

And then Hubby bought something from his colleague who was fundraising for his kids school, which I absolutely loved! He brought home this Apple & Soft Cheese filling Pastry Braid. It is one of the many lovely pastry products from Butter Braid, which provides most of its product for Fundraising purposes through local dealers.  It has been in my freezer for over 3 months till I decided to pull it out for a late breakfast on Sunday morning.

At first I thought it was just another bread like product and didn't expect much. It comes neatly braided with a small packet of icing for drizzling over like hot Cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury. The product was opened and thawed first for about 12 hours at room temperature and as it thaws, it rises like a usual bread. Nothing much needed to be done, only put it on a lightly greased large pan and bake for about 27mins.

The taste was so good that my kids were begging for more. The outer crust was flaky and layered like Puff pastry while the inside texture resembled a soft bread, containing not overly sweetened apple chunks and creamy cheese. So lovely that I ate it for lunch too! Next year, I will make sure I get more of these. If your school or any organization is looking for the next best thing to fundraise, try this out. Everyone will love it.

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