Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Earl Grey Tea Cakes

Happy Valentine's Day. I think this one is the most commercialized holiday celebration here and makers and businesses from the must have of chocolates and flowers to lingerie and eateries are competing to have a share of a Lover's wallet.

The original idea of a simple celebration of love between 2 people had now developed to apply to all sorts of relationships, whether platonic, between common friends, siblings and especially among school kids. Every year I have to do goodie bags for my 2 kids to bring to their classes for celebration and I wonder if they really understand the real meaning of Love and can differentiate it from Like/Fancy.

Love is a complicated thing but when you find it, you will be elated, sometimes at a lost transition and sometimes it can jab at you like a knife in the heart. Being married for more than 10 years now and with 2 kids, my romance side has actually transformed into responsible accumulation of thoughts and unrestricted dedication of attention, love and patience for all my dearest. The wild and thrill feelings and anticipation of all things roses, sweet and calculated in the monetary sense has actually dissipated and now I believe that Love is pure for me. What I give out, I don't expect in returns and that I believe is the real meaning of Love.

For a simple celebration in my family, I made these mini Earl Grey tea cakes in the cupcake and mini heart shape forms. Earl Grey Tea is one of the finest tea available and loved for one reason, its fragrant and floral aroma, flavored from the bergamot orange. Think of lemon added to hot tea and Earl Grey is a little more pungent than that. The aroma is warm and actually reminds me of the Rose! Very appropriate for this occasion.

As I wanted something simple, I made the cakes earlier and melted some chocolate with cream to make Ganache for a few and used RediWhip cream to decorate the rest. The rest of the decorations comprised of ready available wafer hearts, pearl non pareils and dried rose buds. These cakes are very easy to make, just use your favorite cake mixture and use special Valentine pans if you have one to bake them. To make this Earl Grey Tea version, pulverize 1 tbsp of the tea and sift it into the cake flour before mixing into a batter. There are many types of Love in this world and so I went ahead and created all of them different. Which one are you?

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Hanna said...

Lovely post! The cakes and dried rosebuds look so sweet!