Friday, February 25, 2011

Rice Molds

I have lots of Bento prepping tools, which I accumulated over the years through random buying and gifts from friends and relatives. My personal favorite are the food picks that come in multiple colors and patterns from animals to flowers and shapes to little flags. The Rice molds are the other tools that I would love to use more in my Bento as they form neat shapes of rice for me to insert into the Bento boxes.
Most of the tools for Bento originated in Japan and most of the time they come with instructions which is alien to the American consumers. I lived in Japan for 2 months and managed to pick up some part of the Japanese language but probably a bit rusty now. What I like about Japanese packaging of their goods is that they usually have animated step by step instructions albeit drowned in accompanying Japanese written characters. All rice molds are the same, the most important thing is to wet it and your hands first with salted water before attempting.

How to make Rice Balls:
1) Wet hands and molds with salted water.  Scoop cooked sushi rice into molds, fill up till just below the top rim.
2) Close the lid and gently press down the rice. Let it sit for 1 min. Remove the lid and turn the mold with rice inside upside down on the countertop. With your thumb push the flap to release the rice balls.
3) To decorate, take a small strip of Nori and punch your desired shape. Place the rice ball on the rough side of the nori and gently roll up around the rice ball.
4) The rice balls can be decorated with black sesame seeds.

1. Usual Small & Large Rice Molds Available
2. Kimchi & other fillings can be molded into the rice balls.
3. Cylinder/Tube shapes come in large & small sizes
4. Decorated with punched out nori wrappers the Rice Balls makes cute Bento

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Cooking Gallery said...

Those rice molds can certainly be handy, even though I prefer to make onigiri by hand nowadays. With molds the onigiri tend to be too big. But I like the little rice molds, they can really make the humble rice looks much more glamourous...:D).