Monday, February 28, 2011

Maple Sesame seeds Wheat Bread

I am hooked on making bread and have put aside cakes and cookies for the time being. Baking Bread is fun and most of the time very easy if you get the proportions of the wet and dry ingredients right and have all the patience to let the bread dough rest and rise at its own account and never rush it. Taking the same Recipe, I substituted Maple Syrup for the Honey which resulted in a darker color of the baked product with a slighter sweeter taste in this bread and totally omitted the butter content. The dough is more sticky with the maple syrup and you will need alot of extra whole wheat flour at the side to sprinkle around. I always loved sesame seeds and when baked or toasted, their fragrant nutty aroma really brings out the best of a plain whole wheat bread. There are many ways of shaping a bread and I love to experiment with my collection of pans and cake tins. As long as the bread dough is enough to fit nicely and tuck into a pan, then it will also bake nicely in it. For this one, I used a Taco pan.

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