Friday, January 14, 2011

Bento Days January (2)

The second snowstorm of this Winter hit us on Wednesday. Kids were off school and hubby was out of the office to dig snow at home! And for me, I stayed indoors. Everyone was looking forward to the snowstorm as it is pretty strange that we and the rest of the New Englanders to the North seem to have seen too little snow this Winter. I am just happy that this year is not so bad and I am only too happy to hear that the Weather Forecast reporting No Snow! Yes.... the Snow Party Pooper.

Anyway, managed to pack a few Bento for lunches this week. As posted last week, I have done a review of the EasyLunchBoxes and click here to see it all! Here are the other 2 containers with the different colored lids that comes in the 4 in 1 package as marketed by EasyLunchBoxes.


Marychey said...

Your bento look so Yummy!

~zandra~ said...

Found your site, via another site, via Pinterest. I am new to packing bento lunches for my kids and was wondering what you did to the hard boiled egg is this lunch. I'm specifically talking about the orange stars. Thanks for any help!

Lily Anette said...

Zandra: I used the smallest cookie cutters and cut out the shape around the hardboiled egg white. And then I used the same cookie cutter to cut out the shape from a carrot and re-insert that carrot into the cavity on the egg white.

~zandra~ said...

Excellent! Thanks for your help :)