Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bento Days January (1)

It is the year of the Hare/Rabbit in the Chinese Lunar Calendar and for the first bento of the year, I made this one for Miss E. If anyone is born after February 3 this year and those who will be in their ages of 12, 24, 36 and so on with the interval span of 12 years thereafter is a  Human Bunny, literally. Those who were born in the year of the Rabbit are said to be very lucky in everything and talented in the fields that they choose to pursue. For a fact, I find that true as I have family members who were born under this sign and they are good in what they do!

This one was a quick one that I threw together this morning after a long and busy week. I always ask Miss E on what she wants for lunch the next day and try my best to accomodate to her wishes. The mini hearts were made of omelette which was rolled into the nori wrapper and ham.

I would like to thank Kelly Lester of EasyLunchBoxes for sending me these neat lunchboxes from her company. I find it very easy to pack in these ready compartmentalized containers and I am definitely loving the bright colors of the lids to suit my different moods of the day! I will be doing a review on these boxes later when I have more time in hand. Do keep tuned!


EasyLunchboxes (Kelly Lester) said...

Loving your stunning meals in my containers! :)

Angeleyes said...

I wonder if they will send those nice boxes to non-US residents for reviews! hahahah

Great bunny bento!