Thursday, December 9, 2010

X'mas Candies 2010

X'mas is on the way as I write here.  To me, X'mas represents peace and my thankful moment that I made through the whole year without much complaints and in good spirits. Coincidentally it falls at the end of the year when I take the moment to look back to what I have done and not done and also make some time to set goals and new resolutions for the coming new Year.

For the year 2010, I have achieved a personal goal of which I had never finished nor attempted seriously till January 2010. I lost a total of 24lbs and during these 12 months, I have never been so determined and hot headed to lose it all and  transformed myself to a new person with new perspective in life and in whatever I set my mind to do. Nowadays I look at myself differently, friends and relatives look to my hardwork as a motivation and to be able to carry a lighter weight of myself with a healthier diet and clean bill of health makes me a confident and stronger person in mind and body. And being able to continue with my baking and cooking despite the smaller appetite and strict calories counting regiment makes me believe in the saying that I can have my cake and eat it too! Literally..... it can be done! 

For this year, I am making cookies boxes again for all my dearest friends and anyone I fancy! I always believe that the greatest gifts takes a bit of thinking, alot of preparation and some doing of myself. And for my favorite holiday season of X'mas, I will only give my best and I believe I have gotten better since my last cookies gifts in 2008! This year I opted molded candies for the sweet part of the boxes and I got hold of these beautiful candy molds in April to make sure I make them this month. And true, they were worth my investment as anything that pops out of them came out beautiful! And they are so easy to make with available candy wafers from the craft stores with just a microwave melting click and pouring into the molds.

The snowflakes took a little bit more effort as 2 colors were involved by first brushing the snowflake patterns inside the molds with melted yellow candy wafer and letting them dry first before adding and pouring over the dark cocoa part to set completely. For the red poinsettia, I attached white non pareils with icing made out of powdered sugar and water to give the flower a dimension. Personally, I think the yellowish white one turned out better looking! For packaging, I packed each of them in little plastic baggies individually, sealed with a season themed sticker to keep them tucked and intact when they are packed together with the cookies in the boxes later. These candies are worth making and they can be made way ahead early before the cookies and with their pretty patterns and colors, they just brighten up any cookies box.

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