Tuesday, December 21, 2010

X'mas 2010 Cookies Gift Box

When I was a child, I expected X'mas presents. Only after I had my own kids, I realized the best X'mas gift is actually to give rather than to receive. Long gone are my expectations of beautifully wrapped boxes waiting for me under the X'mas tree on X'mas day but I love it so much to go shopping for gifts and wrapping them all up for my kids and Curry. To me, their smiles and joys when opening the boxes are the greatest gifts and there is simply no substitute of toys, jewels nor anything materialistic that can give me that satisfaction of gratitude and joy.

To my friends, I wrapped up goodies from my own kitchen and I hope they will enjoy the cookies and cake that I packed them. It is really a gift from my heart and despite being quite tiring to make several types of cookie doughs and to plan to store and bake them in time for X'mas, it is a once a year thing that I put in some effort to completing. There are not many I consider close friends but if I do make one I cherish them dearly.

For this year's baking, I planned for 4 types of cookies, fruit and nut X'mas cake and moulded candies. In total, I made almost 200 cookies, 3 fruit & nut X'mas Cakes and about 50 moulded candies. All the cookies dough except the Biscotti were made ahead 2 weeks before and frozen in airtight container. The baking started 1 week before the first few boxes were due and airtight containers kept them fresh and away from my kids. The fruit cakes were made decorated and packed 3 days before due date. Although fruit and nut cakes can be made months earlier, I find the idea of feeding it with brandy to keep it moist till delivery time not very appealing as I had too much to do on the cookies side and most of the time, people don't like the overpowering brandy soaked into the cake itself. The best idea to give away fruit cake and make the recipients actually eat it is to slice them into smaller bites, completely decorated and packed individually. To have a good fruit cake recipe which is moist and not too sweet will also help! In the span of 3 weeks, I completed everything I set out to do and packed a total of 13 cookie boxes to give away. And I just hope all the recipients are happy to sample all that I have made and will bring them some warm and sweet  this cold X'mas.

Almond Linzer Cookies

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

White & Chocolate Biscotti

Coconut & Cranberry Cookies

Fruit & Nut Cake

Chocolate Moulded Candies

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