Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peanut Rolls

I always had a passion for anything bread and ever since young I was known to my family as the "Bread person". And when I was overweight during the teen years, they said I ate too much buns and looked like one then! All the metaphorical description and after consuming store bought breads for years, now that I know how to make it, needless to say I make it almost everyday! Looking back, I made the most buns and breads this year alone, mostly Asian influenced and more easier to put together. One of my friends just commented to me that bread in the stores have been going up in prices and I realized that too. Of course there are cheaper versions, but the taste is always lacking. So far, I have been using one or two recipes to make all the breads and buns here and I love the versatility of the doughs to be sweet or savory. But I am looking forward to try out something more advanced than the usual white loaf in future, including the deli breads of Baguette and Italian Pane. Overall, it is such a great satisfaction to be able to bake my own bread!

For these peanut rolls, I used the same bread dough to make 2 designs. The filling is a mixture of crushed peanut with peanut butter, sugar and vegetable oil. Instead of butter and milk, I substituted vegetable oil and water which rendered the bread more structured and firmer on the outside when baked. I suspect this is because the lack of fat content in the recipe and when baked and exposed to a high heat of 400F, the outer layer is dried out faster while the inside is puffing up. Regardless, the inside is still soft and tuckly contained the peanut filling. For the rolled version, I just rolled up parts of the dough like Cinnamon rolls and arranged about 6 to 8 rolls in one loaf tin to bake.

Filling Recipe
200g peanut, toasted and crushed to coarse meal
2 tbsp sugar
2-1/2 tbsp peanut butter
1 tsp vegetable oil

Mix all together and divide to 16 small rounds, to fill into each individual buns.

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