Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chocolate Pecan Maple Tart

Happy Thanksgiving 2010. This year I am playing hostess to my cousin and her family from Pennsylvannia and I am pretty excited to see them again after 2 years. True to the saying, so near and yet so far! I planned my Thanksgiving Day dinner 3 weeks ago and built up a timetable schedule to tick along and off as I go and finally I am done! All 3 courses with varieties of at least 2 dishes each are all ready to be baked, cooked, roasted and plated. The only thing I pray for is that my oven does not go crazy and give up on the day itself. It will be my first time too doing the turkey and stuffing and to tell the truth, I am nervous. So much have been said on undercooked or overcooked bird, bland stuffing and so on. I hope mine turns out moist and good!

For dessert, I made this Chocolate Pecan Maple Tart and Chocolate Mousse cups served with Thin Orange biscuits. The tart's recipe was very easy to put together and despite the amount of maple sugar in it, the tart itself was not overly sweet as to overpower the palate but very fragrant. I made the tart crust from my previous Fig Tart recipe which fits an 8 inch tart pan. True, a slice is a calorie bomb and for those watching their diet, a small slice is enough if there is still room after the turkey. This tart is good with black coffee or tea and pecans are always lovely as they are plump and generous in every bite.

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Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Looks great, sure to try this over the weekend. Hay Thanks for the recipe.