Saturday, October 23, 2010


After all the bakings of cakes, muffins and cookies, I have never baked a pizza before till this month! I cannot help but imagine how much I would have saved money on take outs for Friday nights if I started making homemade pizza earlier. Indeed, with the love for beautiful sweet cakes and fancy tarts I forsaken this simple baked family favorite and from now on, I will enjoy this pizza making with my kids come weekends.

To make a pizza is not difficult. The most important thing about a pizza is not the filling but the crust itself. Once you get the best crust recipe, you can stretch it thin to make the more preferred crisp base type or roll it thick to make a deep dish or stuffed crust type. Either way, this pizza crust recipe is versatile and yummy. I made mine fancier by including chopped basil leaves into the bread dough itself and made the stuffed crust rim. Instead of Mozarella which gives a stretchy effect on the crust, I used grated parmesan which only flavored it and melted inside to seal the edges.

To ensure a crisp bottom crust, I baked the crust for 10 mins to firm it up before putting on the tomato paste with the other fillings. This recipe is enough for a 14 inches sized pizza or two of a single 8 inches. You can put on any type of fillings you like but I find that pork bacon must be slightly pan fried prior to topping the pizza as its fats kind of ooze out and grease the pizza crust during baking, which makes the bottom a little soggy. Turkey bacon works fine and my pizza fillings are made up of turkey bacon, broccoli, mushroom, grape tomatoes, grated garlic, basil leaves, tomato paste and grated cheese.


Pizza Crust (for one 14 inches pizza)
250g Bread flour
250g All Purpose Flour
1 tbsp yeast granules
250ml warm water
5 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp chopped basil leaves
2 cups grated cheese
2/3 cup tomato paste

Your choice

1)Stir the 2 types of flour together with the yeast granules, salt, pepper and sugar.
2)Pour in the vegetable oil and mix.
3)Sprinkle in the chopped basil leaves and pour in the warm water to mix. Use the hook attachment on the cake mixer or mix with hand to form a soft dough. Knead for 3 mins till all ingredients are combined.
4)Form into a ball, place in a large bowl and cover with cling film. Let the dough rest and rise for 1 hour in warm place, expanding to almost double.
5)Grease a 14 inches pizza pan with vegetable oil or cooking spray.
6)Take out the dough and stretch to fit the size of the pan. Use your hands to pat down the dough onto the pan, with outward movement toward the rim of the pan. The dough will stretch and be thicker near the rim. Sprinkle some grated cheese on the dough nearest to the rim, go around the rim making a one inch wide ring of the cheese. Take the dough from the rim and fold to cover the cheese, like rolling a towel. Using your finger, pinch and press in the dough to enclose the cheese.
7)Let the dough rest for another 30 mins and preheat the oven to 425F.
8)Grease the dough lightly with vegetable oil again or use a cooking spray and bake the dough for 10 mins.
9)Remove from the oven and apply a layer of tomato paste all over and put in fillings of your choice. Lastly sprinkle with cheese all over and bake for 25 to 30 mins till the crust is slightly brown.

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Mary Chey said...

Look so yummy & I'm pretty sure my kids will love this dish!