Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Bento Week 4

It is Halloween on Sunday and the whole week, everything was orange, black, purple and green everywhere. Curry and myself never celebrated nor embraced this American holiday till we had kids and when our oldest one turned 3. Now that Miss E and Prince D are 6 and 4 respectively and know that it is all about the candy and dressing up, they simply notify us the parents earlier every year on what they want to be and imagining how much candies they will get for the year. We are lucky to live in a clustered neighborhood area with lots of neighbors to give out candies and plenty with the spooky decorations and frightening houses looks!

I haven't decided on what to bake for Halloween and stuck with some Bento for Miss E's lunchbox this week. I picked the easiest and fastest ones to prepare but I did tried out more on the cutting of shapes and experimenting more with the Japanese seaweed Nori. I am happy with both Bentos and I was glad Miss E enjoyed both at school.

Happy Halloween!

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