Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes

Happy Halloween everyone. This year, I am doing more for this holiday as my kids are at the age where they love dressing up and enjoy the spooky idea of the holiday. Every year, Halloween celebrations and costumes get better and I find myself too very tempted to dress up, but not this year. Maybe next year. But this year, I have improved by carving our first Jack O Lantern, baking Halloween themed cupcakes and having friends over for trick or treating with the kids in the neighborhood. Trick or treat is always a guessing game to me, the weather is either warm or cold and this year is cold! And also the amount of candies to buy for my neighborhood kids. And also when my own kids come home with a whole bucket of them, I have to hide them high and away from eye sights!

Halloween is the starting of celebrations for the end of the year and I am looking forward to November and December baking season. At the meantime, we shall enjoy this first and Spooktacular celebration first with these lovely cupcakes and our first Jack O Lantern. The recipe for these cupcakes is from BBC Good Food website and I called them cupcakes as the texture is like tender cake rather that the denser muffin. For a sweeter version, milk chocolate chips can be used instead of the dark chocolate recommended. For the white decorated cupcakes, melt the white chocolate only when you are ready to make them as they harden up faster than the dark or milk chocolate.  As the chocolate is not ganache but pure melted chocolate, they harden up after a while. When bite into, they give a crackly crunch to the tender cupcake under.  Happy Halloween and stay safe!

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