Thursday, September 23, 2010

September Bento Week 4

Day 12
On a Monday, all moms will tell you that they have no interest and ideas on what to pack for Lunch! I am one of them and the simpler the lunch, the better. And so I packed a ham and cheese sandwich and yogurt pack. And boiled quail eggs with tomatoes and sausages.... with simple decorations.

Day 13
I pan fried some mini beef patties and cut out round shapes from the bread and put them together. Still lazy to think of anything else.

Day 14
Miss E is requesting for more in her Bento box and I had to pack 2 tiers today. Spaghetti noodles are not meant for tomato paste and carbonara sauce only, they taste equally good in the Asian soy sauce. I used Japanese fish rolls (Chikuwa) and inserted an okra into its tube before cutting it into smaller pieces and pan fried it to decorate the noodles. Cucumber is currently my favorite Bento stuffer and they simply slot in anywhere to keep the Bento contents compact. Miss E came home and told me the lunch today was great and finished everything. Now, that is music to my ears.

Day 15
We went out for dinner to celebrate the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival and had left over braised chicken. It is always a good idea to jazz up left over dinner meals and pack them in Bento. For this Bento, I pan fried some mini mushrooms with the left over chicken and steamed a broccoli floret together with the Japanese fish cake tube, Chikuwa. I just had to program the rice cooker to cook the rice in the morning and cut up a baby tomato into wedges to decorate. Simple, quick and nutritious. It doesn't have to look cute all the time, but the Bento must look neat and presentable every time !

And to my delight, Miss E told me that she will join her friends in the queue for Pizza on Friday.... Yeah! Mommy gets to sleep in till 7am!

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