Friday, September 17, 2010

September Bento Week 3

Day 7

After 3 years of school, I thought I would never have to go through it with crying mornings and dreadful whinning. Last week was a bit of a let down by Miss E who seemed to find crying in the mornings a good thing to do to get some attention from us! All of a sudden, a carefree and happy go lucky little girl starts getting separation anxiety, giving me the 'you are abandoning me' look moments at drop off and by the time school was done, she came home happy and  talking about the day. This week seems to be getting better but still not perfect. What is a mother to do in this situation? Learn to discern what is real and faked tears and also ignore! And never underestimate a 6 year old and her emotions, they are equally as bad as an almost 40 year old woman like me..... hormones rule from young!

Today's Bento was pan fried pasta with tomato ketchup, peas and ham. I love to go around pasta aisles to search for shaped pasta and during festive seasons, my local HomeGoods store stocks up on themed pasta shapes. For this Bento, I used the turtle and elephant shapes to accent the more common and available pinwheel shapes and a good idea to retain the shapes of the animals pasta is to cook them later after the main pasta has been cooking for 7 mins. They will soften after cooking but not squashed due to overcooking in the boiling water with the rest of the pasta. Miss E was complaining that they didn't have enough time to finish lunch before they had to rush out to recess and so I am still experimenting with the best sized Bento box for her throughout the week. At times she comes back half finished and sometimes, she said it is not enough. I can just say that she is lucky that she doesn't have to go queue up to get lunch with the rest of the kids or else, she wouldn't have eaten anything at all and famished by end of school!

Day 8

In my household, the anytime favorite to eat dish is fried rice. I can feed my kids 7 days on fried rice and they will have no complaints. It is the easiest thing to make as long as you have left over rice, and any other ingredients can be added to it to complete the balance of nutrition. For today's Bento, I mixed it with minced pork, peas, corn and egg. With minimal decoration of star cut out carrot, it looks more appetizing. On the side, are mini crispy tofu stuffed with minced pork, baby tomatoes and grapes.

Day 9 & 10

I packed the same Bento for these 2 days as requested by Miss E, with a cup of yogurt on the side. The sandwich was made up of 2 slices of white bread with pan fried turkey ham slice and mayo. The mayo keeps the ham from soaking up the white bread. I overboiled the quail eggs, hence the yolk looked a bit dark. Miss E's favorite cute character are these baby chicks of which I started making last year. I recommend buying fresh quail eggs rather than cooked and canned ones as there is really a difference in taste.

Day 11

Miss E's appetite is getting better and so I went back to the rice balls again. Sushi rice tends to make you feel fuller and I made 2 small ones and included 2 little shrimp and pork dumplings together with okra and omelette.  Despite being 2 tiers and there seem to be alot of kind of food here, the quantity and sizes are actually very small. Infact everything is as small as the baby tomato and grapes!

Here is to another week of Bento and yeah..... Friday again. :)


Ribbon Clown said...

Hi Lily Anette,

I had a problem feeding my 14 mths son. After read a couple suggestion on the google[on decorating food], I quickly remember your blog on bento. I try to make a star, teddy bear and few other shape for his breakfast and he ate the whole of it! Bento idea is soo awesome and I'm totally gonna stick on it.

You don't mind if I used some your bento decoration ideas? I would like to post some of my bento pics later. :) Thanks!

Lily Anette said...

Ribbon Clown: Of course you can try out everything in my blog, as long as it helps you out and makes you happy! Happy Bento!

Ribbon Clown said...

Thanks a LOTSS!! :D