Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pattern Sushi

I finally attempted the Pattern Sushi that I wanted to make long long time ago! Thanks to my friend, she showed me how to make the first 2 rolls and I practised over with the rest of the sushi rice. I am particularly drawn to this flower shape as it looks very simple and yet very eye catching. I have a book on pattern sushi making of which I always only glance through but never made one till yesterday. And it was so much fun. Anyone interested in this should go down to your local bookstore and have a glance through! All instructions are clearly printed out but I am one of those who tries everything hands on rather than learn from a book solely.

For the filling or color accent, I used omelette, carrots and celery. Other ingredients can be used too as long as they can be easily slotted in and rolled up with the sushi rice and nori.

I am looking forward to do other shapes in future. And yes, it can get pretty messy :).

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