Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Bento Days (2)

My daughter is attending a whole day summer camp this week and I am free to roam about with my son alone to anywhere and everywhere he or I fancy! True enough, being the second child is not always fun, having older siblings bossing them around, always having to share things and expected to take hand me downs, my son is no different from any other little brother or sister. He acts differently and always very defensive when Miss E is around but when he is alone, he seems more peaceful in his own thoughts, taking time to play his mini cars and trains and sometimes even Legos blocks that drives me nuts but he finds intriguing for his little hands. Sometimes we think he is stubborn and difficult but maybe all he needs is a whole day to himself with the full attention of mommy and lots of tender loving care all the way. I don't adopt a very patient attitude with my kids and they simply cringe at the sound of my yell. I believe in discipline since young and even my own mom commented I am too much at times when telling my 2 kids about facts of life at their tender ages! I would love to give them everything if I am more financially able to but reality means choices have to be made and sometimes I overlook the attention part and how to shower affection towards my 2 kids. So for this week, I would love to make up to my son who just turned 4 and let him tell me his mind, ideas and show me his energy.

I packed a picnic lunch bento for us both and visited the local farm with his little Buddy, Nik and his mommy. The mini pita breads I got from Trader Joe's were great for little hands and I toasted them, added a bit of mayo and filled them up with turkey ham omelette. The rest of the ingredients were fruits and baby tomatoes, of which are very easy and cool to eat outside on this humid day. I cut up some banana nut bread slices and filled up the box. It took me only a total of 10 mins to pack this Bento.

Today, my son and his little Buddy Nik proved to me and my friend that they are very good mannered boys and really understand the concept of sharing.  Nik was sharing his strawberry slices with my son and the proudest moment for me is when my son picked up the last piece of the strawberry slices from Nik's lunch box and suddenly realized that it was not his strawberry to start with and gave it back to Nik and Nik in return shared it with my son, with one bite each alternately till the last bite. That was the sweetest moment for me as I realized that my son is not that difficult anyway, it is just that he feels defensive towards his own sister who has more say in the house but outside he treats other kids well and never once sulk over minor things nor play unfairly. His good behavior reflects and says alot of my daily teachings and I am happy to see this side of him. Thank you Prince D for making mommy so happy today.

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