Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Bento Days (3)

Summer vacation and all I want to do in the kitchen is making Bento lunches for my kids. The possibilities of designs and colors are just endless and I am always happy when making them. I didn't grow up with home packed lunches and possibly, that was one of the reason that I was an overweight kid and teenage throughout the years from all the canteen food. Eating healthy is my mission now and it only takes determination and some passion to encourage my kids from young to stay healthy and eat the right food and the Bento boxes are a great helper! Making and doing lunch has never been this much fun!

Just a simple bento of Pork & Basil Patties with steamed Broccoli, peas and corn. I made the usual Japanese omelette and placed the nori sheet on top before rolling it up to cook completely in the pan. I love to collect mini punches from my local craft store and small accents from cut out nori saves me time and makes any plain Bento looks interesting!

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