Friday, July 9, 2010

July Bento Days (1)

Thanks Irene for these 2 new Bento Boxes.  These were last minute Bento lunches that I threw together and not very neat nor imaginative! When the weather is hot, even my kids don't have much appetite for food and so these 2 smaller bento boxes are just the right portions. I used left over pan fried chicken and made the omelette with added peas.

The cut outs for these Bento didn't turn out nicely and I think I have to really practise more with my Bento tools. My goal over this summer is to improve my Bento and look at more Bento sites from Japan. The Japanese fish roll called chikuwa is fun to eat and stuffed with other ingredients, it adds color and complete the empty spots in the box. I noticed that I have always insisted on using and decorating rice balls instead of just using cut outs and stick them to the rice itself and perhaps I should move on to other options of decorating my Bento. To a better Bento!


Aggie said...

hey its still looks creative to me

Imagica said...

your bento is amazing! :)